Honoring Our Commitment to Our Veterans

Out and About with the CommunityI am extremely proud of the men and women of our Armed Forces who have served our country, both here and abroad, protecting American lives and American interests. Given the extraordinary commitment that veterans have made to our country, providing them with the resources they need to live safe and productive lives after they have completed their military service is the least we can do.

It is important to me that we honor veterans’ profound commitment by honoring our commitment to them. I want to work with my colleagues to strengthen existing laws concerning disability compensation, home loan guarantees, and life insurance policies. Of utmost importance is providing veterans with access to affordable and quality health care.

We must also provide veterans with the job training and education they need to transition into good jobs upon their return from service.Out and About with the Community

I recognize the sacrifice so many soldiers are making as they serve all over the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan, often on missions of extended deployment. Their deployment is incredibly difficult for their families and loved ones. I will work to provide support and counseling to their families during such trying times. We must ensure that families have access to support networks that will assist them during these times.

While in Congress, I pledge to fight for veterans’ rights by prioritizing their needs and supporting legislation that will provide them with the services they deserve and require.



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