Providing Access For All

Al Green Healthcare PhotoI am committed to fighting for affordable, comprehensive coverage for all Americans. Rather than a health care system, we have a sickness care system. People seem to only be able to seek treatment when their health is in disrepair. Our emergency rooms are inundated with patients, many of our physicians and nurses are overworked and underpaid, and those who most deserve care are unable to receive it until the last possible moment. We have a system of urgent treatment rather than preventative care. We have a system where people must choose between providing for the basic needs of their families and necessary health care.

I strongly believe that we need to focus on the importance of community-based clinics, reasonably priced health coverage opportunities, solutions to the skyrocketing prescription drug prices, and initiatives that promote healthy living to communities that have limited opportunities to partake in such events. That is why I am working hard to secure federal funding to build more community health clinics, Federally Qualified Health Care Clinics (FQHC), in the 9th Congressional District.



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